Brian Rogers

My name is Brian, and I’m a PHP developer who loves to use cool tools that make the web awesome.

Twitter: @captbrogers

Bryan Petty

Holding the title of “WordPress Developer” at Bluehost as part of the Open Source Outreach team, Bryan works full-time on WordPress core, contributing patches, and providing support to the WordPress community. He is very passionate about open source software, has mentored students in the Google Summer of Code program 3 years in a row, and is also an official developer on the wxWidgets open source project.

Chris Reynolds

Chris has been a freelance web designer and developer specializing in WordPress since 2007. He is half of the Arcane Palette Creative Design team and launched Museum Themes in 2010. He has spoken at WordCamp Salt Lake City and WordPress SLC meetups, has submitted plugins and themes to the WordPress.org repository and can be found most frequently on GitHub and Twitter. Chris joined Event Espresso team in the spring of 2011 initially to handle customer support, but now contributes code and acts and its Project Manager.

Twitter: @jazzs3quence

Dustin Nay

Dustin Nay has worked in internet marketing for several years, converting to WordPress in May 2010. Neither a developer, nor a designer, he enjoys playing with WordPress nights and weekends. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys geeking out on technology, music, and marketing. He does not enjoy cherries, pepperoni, beets, Italian sausage, black licorice, or sushi. Dustin currently works as a Specialist at SEO.com.

Twitter: @DustinNay

George Ortiz

George Ortiz is the founder of PressTrends, a WordPress analytics platform for designers and developers. George loves sharing his passion for WordPress as well as helping others discover and build a better web.

Twitter: @grgortiz

Jake Spurlock

Jake Spurlock is a developer for O’Reilly Media where he works for MAKE magazine. MAKE publishes a DIY magazine, produces Maker Faire, and is trying to make the world a better place by teaching people that they can make things. Jake is a Utah native, but a year and a half ago was grafted into the California wine country.

Twitter: @whyisjake

Jared Smith

Jared Smith is the Director of Open Source Outreach at Bluehost. Before coming to Bluehost, Jared was the leader of the Fedora Project, a very successful Linux distribution and development community. Jared has also held community leadership roles in the Asterisk community. Jared holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Utah State University and currently resides in Virginia with his wife and two children.

Twitter: @jsmith

Jason Gill

Seeking a good challenge is my quest, precision in standards compliance my code of honor. I am a Front-End Web Ninja with a passion for problem solving. I am not afraid of PHP and know my way around many other languages. My weapons of choice include WordPress. When it comes to mastering technology, I am my own pupil. When it comes to summoning creativity, I have been well trained with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Utah.

Twitter: @gilluminate

Joe Boydston

VP of McNaughton newspaper group, operator of 8 northern California newspapers. Our newspaper publications are driven by WordPress, not just the websites but the print publications as well.

Twitter: @joeboydston

John Levandowski

I have been using WordPress since 2005 for personal and professional purposes. I have worked at the University of Utah since 1994 where I originally setup a WordPress blog in 2005 for delivering news to campus that ultimately turned into a full fledged CMS for the Financial and Business Services division.

Twitter: @johnlevandowski

Laura Moncur

Laura Moncur has been using WordPress since August 2004 when she finally badgered Mike into stop using their home brew blog software and to use something that WORKS. She is a full-time writer for several blogs including The Gadgets Page, Starling Travel, Starling Fitness and her personal blog, Pick Me! After overcoming a troubling bout of writer’s block, she decided to share her techniques as a way of giving back to the WordPress community. Thanks for eight hassle-free blogging years, WordPress!

Twitter: @lauramoncur

Matt Jones

I started my first WordPress company (Storefront Themes), in late 2010. Storefront Themes develops eCommerce WordPress themes for all the major eCommerce platforms for WordPress. I currently am developing a powerful new open-source theme framework called Skematik and a SAS model business built on the WordPress platform called ChurchRocket.

Twitter: @storefronttheme

Mike Payne

Mike Payne is a Development Director and Jr. Partner at Punchline Advertising, a Utah based full service Advertising Agency. Mike is a young Salt Lake City Native who develops web based solutions on the WordPress platform and loves robots.

Twitter: @the_MikePayne

Patrick Cox

I love all things interwebs and WordPress. I’m currently a UI Developer at the Active Networks in Draper where I customize our mobile app products.

On the side, I do a lot of freelance projects – WordPress being my weapon of my choice. Also, I am a regular author for the web design/development magazine Codrops.com, where I write on an array of topics from design principles to UX to mobile design practices.

Besides web design; I love punk rock, football, pizza and of course my wife and daughter.

Twitter: @pcridesagain