Our Sponsors: Pole Vault Media

If you’ve watched any of the WordCamp SCL 2011 videos ( not sure why the site still says WordCamp Utah, we need to ask them to update that ) you have Pole Vault Media to thank for that.  They recorded all of the 2011 sessions and are back again to record the 2012 sessions.  It takes a fair bit of work to record sessions in both rooms and edit the videos afterwards, but the result is great, especially for those who aren’t able to make it out to SLC.

Pole Vault Media is a student run organization right on the University of Utah campus.  In addition to video work they also do web design & development.  I’m also told they eat lots of cereal.

Thanks again to Pole Vault Media for recording all of the sessions again this year so that we can submit them to WordPress.tv for all to enjoy.