Laura Moncur — WCSLC Speaker Profile

Laura is a full-time writer and contributor to multiple blogs who writes every day. Before she used WordPress, she ran her blogs on a homebrew software that was a NIGHTMARE to maintain and use. “I love that I have the power to add HTML code whenever I want. As much as everyone loves WYSIWYG, I prefer to have the freedom to add whatever code I need and see it.”

Her favorite blog that she contributes to is Starling Travel. “I’m proud of all of my blogs, but Starling Travel is my favorite because it’s where I go to dream about my next vacation. I think a lot of people are chained at work, wishing they could escape. I like to imagine that Starling Travel gives them that chance to escape.”

Laura’s presentation is about blogging and how to get your mojo back. “I feel so grateful to the WordPress community for making my life easier. WordPress lets me WRITE instead of worrying about HTML code or security holes. I created this presentation as a way to give back to the community that has helped me so much.”

When she’s not writing, Laura loves to camp, and when she can’t camp, she’s restoring trailers to camp in. Laura does not listen to jazz; she prefers electronica and pop.