Joe Boydston — WCSLC Speaker Profile

This is our last speaker profile. I sincerely hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about our speakers, and I encourage you to visit our schedule if you haven’t had a chance to learn about everyone and what they are presenting. There’s an awesome bunch of folks coming to this years WordCamp SLC and we’re excited to have them.

Joe works for small newspapers in California and is responsible for all aspects of technology and digital publishing. “My goal there is to replace as [many] of the legacy computer systems as possible with WordPress.” He started with a home-brew PHP-based CMS built “the hard way” and switched to WordPress in 2010. Joe’s favorite thing about WordPress is the community. “Without the type of people who make and attend WordCamps, WordPress would not be what it is. I credit @mitcho and @nacin for inspiring me to get involved.”

Joe’s favorite project that he’s been involved with was for The Davis Enterprise. “Forward looking newspaper design, not just the aesthetics but the business logic behind the design. In my un-humble opinion, this is a model for the future of local news publishing.”

Joe’s presentation is about WordPress’ profound effect on journalism. “I hope people will think differently about what WordPress can do as a application platform, specifically it’s use by the publishing industry. My dreams would come true if someone used this technology to help other newspapers evolve and grow.”

When he’s not working with WordPress, Joe loves outdoor activities (“the more extreme the better”) and spending time with his family. While it isn’t what he listens to most, his favorite jazz musician is Sonny Rollins.