Jake Spurlock — WCSLC Speaker Profile

Jake is a former Utah native now living in California and working for MAKE magazine. “The big site that I work on all day is makezine.com but there are a few others too like MakerFaire.com and others…When I started working at MAKE, we did a lot of incremental updates, about six months ago, I got to do an overhaul, and with a blank slate, every line of code on the site is new, and written by me.” Jake got his start with WordPress in 2005 when he was building a podcasting network in iWeb. “I quickly grew beyond that software and used WordPress, knowing that I could have category-specific RSS feeds. Boom! Haven’t turned back since.”

Jake’s favorite thing(s) about WordPress came in list form:

List of favorite functions/classes/APIs/things:

2. register_post_type()
3. Transients API
4. update_post_meta()
5. WordPress VIP program
6. Awesome community

Jake will be talking about responsive development with the Twitter Bootstrap framework. “In the last nine months I have been using Bootstrap for a variety of projects at work. It’s been a fun platform to build on top of, and as a form of evangelism, I wanted to share the good news of the project.”

When he isn’t working at MAKE, Jake loves the outdoors. “Cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing and camping. Been working on my Jeep for the last six months or so turning it into a rock climbing rig.” While Jake doesn’t listen to jazz most of the time, he does dig some Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.